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Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google CEOs push America-first narrative

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Yahoonews reports: “Facebook’s China fight”

“In his opening statement, Zuckerberg specifically discussed how Facebook is used by Americans to stay in touch with friends and family and by small and medium businesses to reach their customers.”

“Although people around the world use our products, Facebook is a proudly American company,” Zuckerberg said. “We believe in values — democracy, competition, inclusion, and free expression — that the American economy was built on.”

“He also pointed to China and its growing influence over the internet, as well as the potential implications the application of antitrust laws.“As Congress and other stakeholders consider how antitrust laws support competition in the U.S., I believe it’s important to maintain the core values of openness and fairness that have made America’s digital economy a force for empowerment and opportunity here and around the world.”

“Zuckerberg has repeatedly pushed back against criticism of Facebook and the U.S. tech industry by pointing to China as a threat to the current status quo.”

“Amazon’s inability to outsource”

“Bezos, like Zuckerberg, stuck to how much Amazon has invested in the U.S. economy via jobs and the impact Amazon’s service has had on small and medium businesses that use the company’s eCommerce platform to reach customers.”

“When customers shop on Amazon, they are helping to create jobs in their local communities,” Bezos said.

“As a result, Amazon directly employs a million people, many of them entry-level and paid by the hour. We don’t just employ highly educated computer scientists and MBAs in Seattle and Silicon Valley. We hire and train hundreds of thousands of people in states across the country, such as West Virginia, Tennessee, Kansas, and Idaho.”

“Amazon does, however, do business on a global scale and, despite mentioning an inability to outsource jobs to China, the company offers a number of its services in the country including its power Amazon Web Services platform.”

“Google’s fight as America’s fight”

“Alphabet’s Pichai, for his part, linked the success of Silicon Valley tech companies directly to America’s continued leadership in the technology industry. In his statement, Pichai pointed to the massive investment Alphabet has made in the U.S. and how that has benefited the country at large.”

“According to the CEO, Google makes deep investments in America’s future in technology.”

“Through these investments, our teams of engineers are helping America solidify its position as the global leader in emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, and quantum computing,” Pichai said

“Pichai also explained how the company employs 75,000 people in 26 states, and that the company was the largest capital investor in the U.S. in 2018 and has been among the top 5 investors in the country for the last three years.”

“Apple’s story is American”

“Apple is somewhat of an afterthought in the tech antitrust hearing largely because its issues stem from its own App Store rather than complete dominance of the internet, social media, or eCommerce in general. Still, Cook made sure to mention that Apple’s story is an American one.”

“Apple is a uniquely American company whose success is only possible in this country,” he said.

“Motivated by the mission to put things into the world that enrich people’s lives, and believing deeply that the way we do that is by making the best not the most, Apple has produced many revolutionary products, not least of which is the iPhone.”

“How these companies are eventually held to account for their alleged monopolistic behavior remains to be seen. But the hearing will provide at least an idea as to how lawmakers are leaning.”


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